Our approach

The Research & Innovation Association for Education & Training Policy (ARIPEF) gathers a wide range of actors (public decision-makers, researchers of various disciplines, experts, etc.) interested in promoting and accompanying innovative and sustainable education projects, as well as creating synergies around development and research programs related to education and training, with a focus on digital projects.

Our values

  • Research, in support of the building of education policies, exempt of any disciplinary bias or exclusive point of view: decision-makers, researchers and teachers of various disciplines can contribute to the actions of the ARIPEF, in a spirit of complementarity.
  • Pragmatism, given that the association aims at drafting proposals that could improve education. Our actions generally lead to public dissemination, mainly on our website. However, some of our activity may not be disclosed, if decided by the association.
  • Scalability and sustainability is at the core of our actions, with the overarching goal of contributing to the future of education and training policies.
  • Cooperation ethics among different actors. Combining public and private efforts implies full transparency, with the sole purpose of serving education and learning. The ARIPEF aims at striking fair and equitable partnerships with stakeholders.