Our actions

Holding reflection & exploration meetings

Reflection and discussion workshops will gather researchers, decision-makers and experts in innovation and education in France and abroad around a specific theme and/or project. These meetings aim at discussing different point of views and sharing visions to potentially create synergies on projects, in the service of all. Those seminars will be held Thursday night, and the number of participants will be limited so that discussion between key actors who are looking for innovative solutions can be efficient.

Organizing multidisciplinary seminars

Another type of action is the organization of seminars related to interdisciplinary research on the manifold impacts of spontaneous and institutional education innovation within the scope of digital transformation. Bonds could be created with research networks such as GIS2IF or European and international research programs, in particular those launched by the French Development Agency (AFD).

Setting up innovative projects

By providing technical and practical support, the ARIPEF mobilizes the project team on research and innovation programs within a perspective of scability, while staying open to co-construction with qualified partners, depending on the type of actions undertaken.