The Effects of Digitalization on Education

The book co-directed by G-L Baron and C. Depover has just been published by Presses du Septentrion.

It aims at taking stock of what digital technology has changed and has made possible when it comes to education, but it also sheds light on how and why it has sometimes been deemed invasive.

The first part offers an analytical framework and historical landmarks. Renowned specialists then offer thematic summaries related to formal and informal education, schools and companies, developed or developing countries.

Baron, G.-L., & Depover, C. (Éd.). (2019). Quels effets pour le numérique en éducation  ? Regards sur une saga contemporaine. Lille France : Presses Universitaires du Septentrion

Digital Technology: An Opportunity for Education

This book offers a summary of the situation in France and clues to make the most of digital technology in education.